Supreme Maintenance Organization is recognized throughout the Southeast for cost effective cleaning and facility maintenance solutions, committed values, experienced and stable leadership, extensive employee training and development, and best in class certified service.


“SMO’s CIMS-GB certification gives me confidence that our tenants are being served by a ‘best in class’ service. This certification, along with their customer service, helps attract and retain tenants.”

Senior Property Manager
Property Management Co.

“As Quality Assurance Manager, I enjoy interacting with our customers and being part of the SMO team that delivers consistent quality service to their facilities.”

Duryea “Juice” Taylor
Quality Assurance Manager
Supreme Maintenance Organization

“SMO has been great in providing cleaning services for N&R. We have a 24/7 operation, and SMO graciously provides employees at odd times to accommodate our staffing schedules.

Assistant to Production Director
Corporate Customer

“I relate well to the company’s core philosophies and I have also taken advantage of the opportunities to grow since joining the company in 1997.”

Steve Gardner, RBSM
Supreme Maintenance Organization

“SMO helped us reach our LEED certification goals at WTCC Northern Campus with our budget. You can count on SMO to find a way to go the extra mile.”

Assistant Facilities Manager
Community College

“I have been working with SMO since 2006 and I have always felt right at home. I enjoy my job and the tasks I perform each day.”

Maribel Contreras
Supreme Maintenance Organization

“Flex scheduling has always created a challenge for cleaning companies, but SMO has meet our expectations and manage the ever changing demands of our business while keeping costs in line.”

Vice President – Supply Chain
Industrial Customer

“I enjoy the convenient location working with my supervisor and manager to provide a clean building for our customers. I have told my friends that SMO is a great place to work.”

Susan Browning
Cleaning Technician
Supreme Maintenance Organization


Ms. Diana Wilson, RBSM
Vice President of Business Development

“Let me create a customized, cost-effective and sustainable service solution for your business.”

We are known for providing smart solutions to unique problems. But don’t take our word for it, just ask our customers or request a customer profile demonstrating our ability to solve their cleaning problems.  

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500+ Team Members
Team Members
30+ Years in Business
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